A module synthesiser imagemaker

Generator is a module synthesiser that translates voltage into video signal.  It is both self and sound controlled so it can be a stand alone object or part of a bigger constellation. It is an image maker that explores the visual possibilities within the limitations of hardware and code.

Manual design for my module. The images where made using Generator and Cinema 4D

This project was produced as part of my master program. It is collaborative and individual- each member, 10 in total, made a module with a different concept that can work alone and also interact with other modules. We released a publication that contains a big PCB board of all of our modules and a manual for each on. The project was showcased in an event at De Player Rotterdam where all modules where presented for the audience to experience. During the event I used a VCR to record creations that were made with my module.

I created a version of the etch a sketch that alternates between the sense of control and randomness. There are 5 brushes with different size settings. With the brush you can draw, controlling the X and Y axis. It takes some time to learn, it has many options to discover and it can be influenced by other modules outputs. The screen clears every 60 seconds making every image unique and  almost impossible to recreate. Each creation is temporary and fleeting, soon replaced by another image. With this module I refer to my experience with creative coding- the magic of randomness, producing while exploring and getting unexpected outcomes. I approach the tools that we use as partners in the process and not just a means to an end.

The process included building, designing and coding the module, writing and designing the publication, creating a visual identity for the event and publication, and developing a website for the collaborative work.

→ Checkout the project website