Beyond the Black Box
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An online publication of collaborative texts
About the Project
An online publication of 7 critical longforms that form one longread that you can scroll and click through almost endlessly. The texts are about the performances art festival Beyond the Black Box that took place in De Brakke Grond Amsterdam. Each text has a different approach using the possibilities of the internet where text, image, audio and video require interaction with the reader.
Graphic designer Mark van den Heuvel and I were commistioned by De Brakke Grond Amsterdam and Domein Voor Kunstkritiek. We conceived the concept, designed and developed the website.
We talked to each writer about the meaning of their text and created a unique design to each one while keeping a coherent design concept for the whole publication. Each part has interactions that compliment the readability and the core idea of the text.
Experience & Visual Design
Creating a web publication that contains a large amount of text withholds challenges of readability, navigation and usability. We designed a navigation bar that will provide an easy transition between the different texts and an indication for your current location in the longform. Then we integrated hyperlinks, tooltips, collapsible texts, video, audio, shuffle options and more to compliment the concept of the text and to give extra value for the online reading allowing a natural and intriguing flow.