A new TV experience by yes
Apple + Android TV
About the Project
yes is Israel’s leading TV provider. They are known for their forward thinking and innovative products. We teamed in creating a new premium interface with Apple.
My role was leading the design team both overseeing the project and working hands-on on experience and design.
Our work included conceiving and designing new features, conducting user validations and interviews, refining the experience and implementing changes according to our findings, working closely with the client and developers, etc.
From the start our relationship with yes was of creative collaborators.

We worked closely with a team from Apple on optimising our interface for the Apple system and remote.

Ono Apps
were our extremely professional developers who educated us in depth about the IOS and Android environments.
Concept & key values
After the first research we conducted a set of key values. We speculated around the structure of the interface while trying different layouts.

Initial concept wireframes

Personal Home Screen
We developed research based key features that creates a one of a kind seamless experience:
The user and market research concluded that a “matching” algorithm (like Netflix) doesn’t give enough value and is not accurate. Our concept is based on yes's speciality in great content and clients trust. We designed a simple and straight forward homepage that contains: offers that are based on crowdsourcing and content editors recommendations, continue watching, favourites list and most watch channels. Current users say that this is the page they use most.
During user research a main topic was “I have nothing to see”. People felt that a lot of the times the best recommendation are from others. Our collections are curated by influencers and yes content editors to provide quality recommendations. Another type of collection is "mind sets": date night, mystery junkies, must see, etc.
We designed a section for kids and divided them into two groups- preschoolers (under age 7) and tweens (7-14), each age groups with different needs.

The preschoolers interface is much more visual and characters oriented (some of them don’t read yet). Other features are helpful for parents- curated playlists for different amounts of time, setting a time limit, the option to block content, etc.

The tweens section is tailored for independent use and is very simple compared to the adults sections- home page, series, movies and collections.

Preschoolers main screen (left), kids entry screen- preschoolers or tweens (right)

Time limit settings (left), easy to use navigation while watching (right)

Tweens main screen

One of our main challenges was the integration of Live TV and On Demand content. We upscaled the Live TV experience and tailor it to the needs of audiences who use it the most:
The Panel
The Panel overlays the content that is playing at the moment. While watching live tv can be used to view channel schedule, play past content (one week before) order future content (one week ahead), read info about current content, etc. Can be also used while watching streamed content to view info, change episode or explore similar content.
Usability Testing
Throughout the process we constantly tested the interface on different users:
Our team led the process from A-Z: building the interviews timeline, composing the questionnaires, locating the interviewees, conducting the interviews and drawing conclusions that were later used to refine features or create new ones. Usability testing had a major role in our work process.
In this project I got to work with an amazing client and team. When the product launched in October 2019, it was very exiting to get positive feedback from costumers on a project I was working on for so long.

Here are some more nice screens:

Series streaming screen- easy visible access to different genres

Promotional video (heb), 0:47 interface walkthrough

Item screen- title, synopsis, trailer, more episodes, add to favourites and more titles from same actors/creators

Preschoolers item screen

All channels grid (left), movies panel (right)

Channels schedules- order content or watch previous content